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I’m more than a career coach — I help individuals like YOU in designing their ideal lifestyles. I guide you in the development of your financial and location independence which will bring you freedom, mindset shift and emotional independence. My experience, expertise, knowledge and passions are my priceless ASSETS that I want to share and help you in designing the BEST possible laptop lifestyle!!!

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Laptop Lifestyle Design is about living life on your own terms, having the time to do all the things you want, and also eliminating what you don’t like about your current lifestyle. 

Mindset Shift

Overcoming the fear of going remote, building a growth mindset and daily habits with intention to kick off your laptop lifestyle.

Skills Set

We will assess your current experience and then build a complete strategy for your skills development.


Stay on track with current online communication and project mangement tools. We will go through the essentials for working remotely.

Personal Brand

Distinguish yourself with personal branding. We will work on your social media presence, building portfolio and promotion strategy.

Online Job Platforms

Learn how to set up profiles on most popular online job platforms and stand out from the crowd. Strtegic positioning is the key!

Job Application with SUCCESS

Attract a steady stream of clients and income. Includes outreach templates used to pitch and land clients!

Interviews that WIN CLIENTS

I will show you how to build a rapport and how to encourage a client to hire you to manage his professional or life projects.

Productivity Hacks

With me you will become a Productivity Ninja! We will go through tools and strategies to manage your time and workflow.

No remote work experience is required. Learn how to stand out and successfully land a remote job, without experience.


Happy Stories

”I am very grateful for finding Ania! She is so genuine and honest but at the time assertive and straightforward. She makes things sound so easy and makes you feel comfortable. She cares about her clients and is passionate about her job.”

”I was feeling “stuck” and Ania guided me into taking a step back and looking at the big picture. She helped me discover my bravery as I switched careers. She gave me tasks which developed my self-confidence and offered advice when I needed it most.”

”I discover things about myself that often surprised me but in the end, it all came together to help me set clear goals for myself and set a manageable roadmap of how to get there. All with a help of great coach who guided me through the process.”

Ivana Maure, Client

Lindsay Palazzi, Client

Anna Veillet, Client


First, I want to know you!

I’ll start with an honest chat to understand you, your goals and needs. We'll explore the core challenges and fears keeping you lost, unhappy and not moving forward.

Here we’ll highlight what makes you unique, what are your values and define key opportunities using several models.  

Then, we develop a strategy that works!

Together, we’ll talk about your career goals to learn how would you like to grow professionally. Then we will design a strategy that will result in building your laptop lifestyle.

What I learn from you sets the foundation for career development ideas. We’ll build upon them to create a cohesive day-to-day action plan that leads the way to success in your online career.  

Lastly, we focus on your Growth Mindset.

I want to equip you with self-coaching methods and idea of expanding personal growth. You will alreay know how to get more jobs online and how to win clients!


I’m Ania Krol.

As an international coach, lifestyle designer and digital nomad, I am empowering people around the world to engineer their mindsets, to create new models of reality and systems of living according to their true selves. I am also a CAREER COACH and I guide my clients in discovering their authentic careers, creating location independent work, landing more job offers, and designing their dream laptop lifestyles. I can and I want to share with your all the knowledge and strategies to create the best version of yourself.

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